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26.09.2017 - Bounty




Pre ICO Announcement

AlfaToken is an easy-to-use service to create smart contracts for any kind of business relations.

Use Cases

Pre ICO, ICO: users are able to create their own tokens and smart contracts for Pre ICO or ICO campaign on different blockchain networks without programming skills. Supported blockchains are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, NEM, Ethereum Classic, Waves, BitShares. Users can chose a blockchain, and pay for the service after they get investments. Without additionnal developer!!

User Interface

Creating smart contracts is so eady as filling in a form! Users are inputing all necessary information in the form, press a button «Create» and it is done: a smart contract has been created, tested, and deployed!

Other Features

Users can issue their own tokens in 3 minutes choosing from 7 blockchain networks. Hoping our service will be useful for the community!

Core Team
Skilled and motivated team is a basis


The following bonuses will be applied during the Pre ICO:

1st week: 40%;
2nd week: 30%;
3rd week: 20%;
4th week: 10%.

Bounty Program

We have a comprehensive and generous bounty program. We are ready to invest in our supporters 5% of our tokens emission (5,000,000 ALFA tokens)!!
Subscription campaign on Bitcointalk.org: 1,500,000 ALFA
Translation into other languages ​​and SMM (Social Media Marketing): 1,000,000 ALFA
Publications in blogs and media: 800,000 ALFA
Facebook campaign: 500,000 ALFA
Twitter campaign: 500,000 ALFA
Reddit campaign: 500,000 ALFA
The contest of memes about the AlfaToken project: 200,000 ALFA
More details in our Bounty Program:https://docs.google.com/document/d/e/2PACX-1vTOYLkyCa2TxSyjFLcZC_dCsUTeGI3vjxU8Py3dJdWxPebzbTNUqSnEKGVjUNrsVhxP3DNLM5mt646m/pub

We are planning to list ALFA tokens on a few exchanges before our Initial Coin Offering.

AlfaToken. Official Bounty Program



Bounty Program Scope

We are happy to announce details of the official AlfaToken Bounty Program. AlfaToken Pre ICO starts on September 29, 2017. We invite you to participate in our bounty campaign and help the AlfaToken project to build a wide and strong community. We are ready to invest in our supporters 5,000,000 ALFA!!!

Bounty Tokens Allocation

Tokens reserved for the Bounty Program will be allocated as follows:

Subscription campaign on Bitcointalk.org: 1,500,000 ALFA
Translation into other languages ​​and Social Media Marketing: 1,000,000 ALFA
Publications in blogs and media: 800,000 ALFA
Facebook campaign: 500,000 ALFA
Twitter campaign: 500,000 ALFA
Reddit campaign: 500,000 ALFA
The contest of memes about the AlfaToken project: 200,000 ALFA

Calculations Example

Here is calculations example: participants in the subscription campaign will receive weekly stakes throughout the campaign. At the end of the campaign, the number of ALFA tokens for each participant will be calculated using the following formula:

(Total number of dedicated ALFA tokens for the subscription campaign / Total amount of all participants stakes) * Participant’s stake
For example: (1 500 000/100 000) * 100 = 1 500 ALFA

AlfaToken Telegram Channel

Joining the AlfaToken channel in Telegram is a prerequisite for the AlfaToken campaign bounty.
Link to Invitation to Telegram: https://t.me/AlfaToken

Signatures campaign on Bitcointalk.org

Rules of the signatures campaign:
1. We are looking for active bitcointalk users. In order to be eligible for remuneration, all participants must publish at least 30 messages with the signature of AlfaToken by the time AlfaToken ICO ends.
2. Users with negative ratings are not eligible for the bounty campaign.
3. You need to post comments in the section Alternative Crypto-Currency.
4. Spam is strictly prohibited. Users who publish spam will be immediately and permanently disqualified.
5. Simultaneous use of several signatures is prohibited.
6. Users are not allowed to change their signature in the middle of the campaign.
— Junior Member 1 Stake / Week
— Member: 2 Stakes / Week
— Full Member: 3 Stakes / Week
— Sr. Member: 4 Stakes / Week
— Hero Member: 5 Stakes / Week
— Legendary: 6 Stakes / Week
Instructions for the Signatures Campaign:
1. Add the bb code of the AlfaToken signatures campaign corresponding to the rank of your account in the Signature field of your profile to Bitcointalk.
2. Complete this form in order to participate in the AlfaToken Signatures Campaign:
The form for participation in the AlfaToken Subscription Campaign:
3. We expect that AlfaToken signers will publish at least 30 messages that have the signature of AlfaToken, by the time Alfa Token ICO is completed, to receive the right to remuneration.
If you have any questions regarding the Subscription Campaign, please use the AlfaToken Channel in Telegram.

For signatures use the following code (please make sure that you copied all code):

[center][b][url=https://www.alfatoken.com/][color=black][size=30pt]ALFATOKEN[/size][/b][color=limegreen][size=30pt]   ★ ★ ★ ★ ★   [/size][/color][size=30pt][url=https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2198582][b][color=black][font=Arial Narrow]Sept, 29 — Oct, 29[/color][/b][/url][/size]

You should get the following signature:

ALFATOKEN   ★ ★ ★ ★ ★   Sept, 29 — Oct, 29

Translation and Social Media Marketing

The main branch of Alfatoken (English): https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2198582.0
Fill out this form to apply for a translation campaign in other languages:
Campaign rules for translating into other languages:
— Use of Google Translate and other online translators is not allowed.
— Translation of the post of the main branch of Alfatoken ICO: 50 shares
— Translation of the Booklet about Alfatoken (Whitepaper) into your language: 50 shares
— SMM (facebook, twitter, reddit, telegram) in a foreign language: 1000 shares
Translation into other languages ​​will be distributed proportionally between the participants in accordance with the stakes they have received.

Publications in blogs and media

Fill out the registration form:
The Campaign for Publications in Blogs will be distributed to authors of posts, reviews and press releases about the AlfaToken project.
Anyone can take part. Simply create a 300+ character long text about Alfatoken and publish it on your website. The better your text — the more shares you get.
1. All texts must be published on the Internet and be freely available to all.
2. Your text should be original.
3. The site on which you decided to publish your text should exist for at least 2 months and must have active users.
4. Your text should consist of 300 characters or more.
5. Your publication should include at least 2 links: to the site www.alfatoken.com, accounts in social networks AlfaToken or other articles about the project.
We will check all requests and if your site (s) comply with the requirements, then you will get to this list of campaign participants on publications in blogs (and later you will be able to check the number of bids you received):
Bounty for Publications in Blogs
The authors of the texts receive 100, 200 or 500 stakes, depending on the quality of their publications. The AlfaToken team independently decides on the quality of the publication. This decision is final and can not be discussed.
Bounty for Publications in Blogs will be distributed proportionally among the participants in accordance with the number of stakes received.

Twitter campaign

Here is how to join the Twitter campaign AlfaToken:
1. Join and become the reader of the official Alfa Token account on Twitter:
2. Fill out the registration form in the Twitter campaign AlfaToken:
Twitter campaign rules:
— Your Twitter account must have at least 300 real subscribers.
— You must retweet at least 7 tweets from our Twitter account: @Alfatoken
— You need to make 5 tweets about Alfatoken, including the #Alfatoken hashtag.
— 1 Share / 1 Tweet about Alfatoken
— 1 Share / 1 Retweet tweets of the official Alfatoken account
Tokens of Twitter campaigns will be distributed proportionally among all participants of the Twitter campaign, taking into account the amount of all the stakes received.

Reddit campaign

Fill out the registration form in Reddit campaign Alfa Token:
1. Your account must be at least 30 days old and have 10 messages or comments.
2. In order for the message to be considered, it must be published in cryptependent subbreddits.
3. The messages should include a link to http://www.alfatoken.com/
— 10 upvotes / 10 stakes

Memes contest about the AlfaToken project

To participate in the contest, join the AlfaToken channel in Telegram
Link to Invitation to Telegram: https://t.me/AlfaToken
Place memes in the channel, the creators of the 20 best memes (choose the AlfaToken command) will receive 10,000 ALFAs.

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