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Dogecoin Gold is a fan made community driven project for all Doge lovers and serious investors. DOGEG is a decentralised digital currency built on the ethereum blokchain. We are dedicated to bring back the Doge!

Works with any wallet below

What is Dogecoin Gold?

Dogecoin Gold is a decentralized, ERC20 token built on the Ethereum Blockchain. We put DOGEG together to bring some life back into the old dog. We love Doge and the community spirit that surrounds it. Dogecoin Gold is a group of people bridging community and serious crypto trading.


Dogecoin is a great crypto currency, but the only thing holding it back is its large circulating coin supply. This has seen the coin rapidly decrease in value over the past couple of years. Dogecoin Gold will only have a low total supply of 5 million tokens. And Yes with your help we will get this to the Moon!

Come and follow us on twitter, pull up a seat and lets have chat.

Our twitter Airdrop is in full force. We are giving away 100 DOGEG to the first 1000 followers.

Make sure you are follwing us to keep up to date with what we are doing.

  • 100%

Twitter airdrop is now closed, thank you all for your support .

Dogecoin Gold Token allocation.  

100,000 for social following on twitter and facebook

500,000 for monlthy airdrops for holders with 5000 DOGEG or more

(starts 1/1/18)

1,000,000 for bounty rewards

500,000 for future projects and development

2,800,000 for developers


Join our 1 million DOGEG bounty reward program Now! This won’t last long




Developement and implementation of website ✔


Coin Deployment


Deployment of Dogecoin Gold ERC20 token ✔


Channel Development

Channel Development


Development of Facebook and Twitter Channels  ✔


Bounty rewards

Bounty Rewards

Putting together a bounty reward program, to ensure community adoption.




Getting listed on exchanges.


Air dropping

Air Drop

Implementing monthly Air drops to addresses holding 5000 Dogecoin Gold or more (commencing 1/1/2018)

Contract Address:


Name = Dogecoin Gold
Symbol = DOGEG
Decimals = 18

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