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MAB (MiniApps Bounty share) at a glance
Calculation of Bounties: You receive shares (MAB) for various bounties and get paid in MAT accordingly. For example, there are three participants in the FB campaign (12 000 MAT bounty budget): Andy, Mike and John.  Andy liked our Facebook Page — 5 bounty shares (MAB); Mike wrote a unique informative post about MiniApps.pro — 10 bounty shares (MAB),  John wrote five unique informative posts about MiniApps.pro — 50 bounty shares (MAB). Total number of MAB is 65.
In the end, Andy gets 5/65 * 12 000 MAT = 923.077 MAT, Mike gets 10/65 * 12 000 MAT = 1 846.154 MAT, John gets 50/65 * 12 000 MAT = 9 230.769 MAT.



Facebook(12% or 12 000 MAT)

Facebook bounty campaign rules:
– Only one Facebook account per person is allowed.
– Your Facebook account must have at least 300 real followers .
– Your Facebook account needs to have at least 85% real followers.
– Posts must be in English.

To register for the FB campaign go to https://bounty.miniapps.pro

Twitter(7% or 7 000 MAT)

Twitter bounty campaign rules:
– Only One Twitter account per person is allowed.
– Your Twitter account must have at least 500 real followers.
– Your Twitter account needs to have at least 85% real followers.
– Tweets must be in English.

To register for the Twitter campaign go to https://bounty.miniapps.pro

Signatures & Avatar (15% or 15 000 MAT)

We expect signature campaign participants to have the signature by the time the Token Generation Event ends to be eligible for a reward.
Minimum is 14 posts per week. You should use both, the signature according to your rank as well as the Avatar. You can post in any thread and any board but spam posts won’t count.

To register for the signature campaign go to https://bounty.miniapps.pro
To check if you are listed write to bounty_support@miniapps.pro

BBCodes of signatures and a sample of avatar coming soon

Blog bounty (6% or 6 000 MAT)
Blog bounty will be distributed between the creators of the posts, reviews and press releases about the project.
Anyone can participate — just create a 500+ words long text about Miniapps.pro and publish it on your website. The better your text is, the more shares (MAB) you receive.
We will give out 10, 20 or 30 MAB depending on the quality of a blog post.
All shares (MAB) will be given out at the end of the backing campaign.

Blog contest rules:
– All texts must be published online and be accessible by everyone.
– Your text must be original.
– We don’t allow websites with no audience or new websites; the website you choose to publish your text on must be at least 2 months old, and must have user activity.
– Your site/blog must be crypto related.
– Your text must be 500 words or more.
– Your post must include at least 2 links: websiteICO ANN thread, other social media or to other articles about the project.

To register for the Blog bounty campaign go to https://bounty.miniapps.pro

Youtube videos (5% or 5 000 MAT)
Anyone can participate — just create a 2.5 minutes video. Must include your bitcointalk username in the end (to prove ownership) and a link to our website.
We will give out 10, 20 or 30 shares (MAB) depending on the quality of the video.
All shares (MAB) will be given out at the end of the backing campaign.

To register for the Youtube bounty campaign go to https://bounty.miniapps.pro

(10% or 10 000 MAT)

If you can translate the Whitepaper, FAQ and ANN thread into your language and moderate the thread, please contact us and reserve your bounty.

Reward rates for your activities:
● Maximum payment amount per language: 1250 MAT
● Translation of White paper: 400 MAT
● Translation of FAQ: 300 MAT
● Each translated thread (Bitcointalk+regional forum) is entitled to 550 MAT. Active moderation will be needed to claim the bounty. Your thread should get at least 100 comments and you should actively reply to them.
● Tokens will be distributed after the end of the Token Launch, as part of the last batch of tokens; and
One or several participants will be appointed for each region  based on submitted requests.

Minimum requirements:
● You must be native speaker of the target language;
● You must be fluent in English;
● Your account on Bitcointalk must be over 1 year old;
● You must have no less than 50 posts on Bitcointalk (this can include both your original posts and your comments in threads)
Please submit your requests for activity reservations in English, to bounty_support@miniapps.pro

In your request, please, include:
● Your name;
● Your e-mail;
● Bitcointalk username (profile link);
● Telegram username;
● Blockchain work experience or participation in other Bounty programs;
● Language and activity you would like to reserve

Brazil Portuguese

This list of languages is final. There will be no other languages.

We will inform you within a week on your request status. If your request for activity is confirmed we will invite you to Bounty closed group in Telegram. Only after all those steps are completed, you can start working on your activity.

NOTE: Shares (MAB) from bounty campaign will be honored and paid after the Token Generation Event.

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