Power Ledger

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Power Ledger
A Decentralized peer to peer energy exchange platform!

Applications of Power Ledger

The Power Ledger Ecosystem supports a growing number of energy trading applications. Some of the key classes of applications are listed below while the full list is available in our white paper, with some already operational, and others in advanced conceptual design or in development.

How does it work? 

There are two types of tokens, POWR and Sparkz, POWR tokens allow the Application Hosts and their consumers to gain access to the P2P trading features and other Power Ledger applications. Sparkz, the “low level” token, are specifically limited to representing the tokenized value of a unit of electricity in varying markets around the world. The POWR token is the access token, like a software license, that grants ability for Application Hosts to transact on the Platform, through trading POWR tokens for Sparkz.

White Paper 
For more information about the Power Ledger White paper, please read it herehttps://tge.powerledger.io/media/Power-Ledger-Whitepaper-v3.pdf in English and here in Chinese:https://tge.powerledger.io/media/Power-Ledger-Whitepaper-Chinese.pdf

POWR Token Generation Event

Early Bird’s Bonus
You’ll get a discount if you’re one of the early buyers in our TGE.
Week 1 15%
Week 2 10%
Week 3 5%
Week 4+ 0%

Developers and Founders
All of the Developer’s and Founder’s tokens will be subject to escrow for a period between 6 and 18 months starting at the completion of the Token sale.

Growth Pool
POWR tokens are created to incentivize Platform Participants to use the system. This is done through Power Ledger gifting or discounting POWR tokens to users, such as Utilities or ‘Application Host’ who have a consumer base and are ready to become participants in the Power Ledger Ecosystem. These tokens will be held in escrow for a minimum of 1-3 years to ensure their use on the platform.[/pre]

Use of token

Token Paper
For more information about the usage of tokens and the token generation event, please read our paper herehttps://tge.powerledger.io/media/Power-Ledger-TGE-Token-Paper-v1.pdfin English and here in Chinesehttps://tge.powerledger.io/media/Power-Ledger-TGE-Token-Paper-Chinese-v1.pdf

Meet the team

Bounty Details
Power Ledger has set a reward of 1,500,000 to be distributed as a bounty, through our facebook, twitter, bitcointalk and blog campaigns to be distributed as follows.

Facebook Bounty: 15%
Twitter Bounty: 15%
Bitcointalk Bounty: 30%
Content Creation Bounty: 40%

For more information about the bounties and how to participate, please read our bounty paper herehttps://bounty.powerledger.io/media/Bounty-Rules.pdf

And for registration, please register herehttps://bounty.powerledger.io/

Social Media
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What is Power Ledger?
Power Ledger is a blockchain-based peer-to-peer energy trading platform enabling consumers and businesses to sell their surplus solar power to their neighbours without a middleman.

How does the technology work?
The Power Ledger system tracks the generation and consumption of all trading participants and settles energy trades on pre-determined terms and conditions in near real time. A user simply receives a registration email from their Application Host, they click on a link which takes them to the Power Ledger platform where they create a user- id and password. That’s it, once logged in they can see their electricity usage and all their P2P trading transaction details.

What is the scope of the roadmap over the next 24 months?
As Power Ledger is a commercially operating entity, we already have platform applications built, which is explained in figure 5.3.1 in the white paper. The roadmap outlines the priority we plan to develop the applications in, with the aim for all to be deployed in two years. There will be no incubation time as we have multiple applications already built and operational. Therefore, customer engagement will be high from day one, as it is now.

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For more FAQ please check our document here and for more information and media coverage, please check our website at https://tge.powerledger.io/

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